Servicing Digital

Servicing Digital℠ helps servicers improve retention and establish continuous customer engagement. Integrated with the MSP® loan servicing system, this digital solution provides customers with fast, simple and seamless access to their loan and home-related information – anytime, anywhere.

Mortgage Web Services (MWS)

Mortgage Web Services provides access to loan-level data directly from the system of record, enabling integration of XML responses with virtually any application across the enterprise.

Loss Mitigation

Loss MitigationSM is an end-to-end solution that assists servicers with providing borrowers timely loss mitigation assistance, while creating an audit trail that helps servicers demonstrate compliance with evolving regulations.

Data Integration Services (DIS)

Data Integration Services allows client applications and systems to directly interface with ForeclosureSM, BankruptcySM and InvoicingSM  applications.

Customer Service

The Customer Service solution provides a holistic view of a borrower’s mortgage loan on just one screen with an array of unique features and an intuitive user interface – facilitating faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries.


To help drive process efficiencies in the provisioning of loan payoff quotes and letters, Payoffs is a highly secure solution for servicers that use the MSP® servicing system and the business partners they work with. Drawing data directly from MSP, the solution expedites the process and improves data accuracies to reduce the number of incorrect or short payoff amounts.

Event Notifications

Event Notifications monitors both MSP® and the ForeclosureSM and BankruptcySM  applications, detecting changes as soon as they occur, and alerts business users immediately.


Enhanced Client Data Extract (eCDE) provides clients with nightly data sets from non MSP servicing applications, such as BankruptcySM, ForeclosureSM, ClaimsSM, InvoicingSM and Servicing DigitalSM. Clients may use the data to populate their proprietary databases and downstream systems.

Passport & BDE

PassportSM stores MSP® data in a comprehensive mortgage servicing database, providing servicers with over 10,000 data elements representing all areas of loan servicing.  This data is easily accessed through the PassportSM  User functionality.

Bulk Data Extract (BDE) provides Passport data in a set of nightly files sent directly to clients for consumption by their onsite, proprietary databases.

Servicing Vault

Servicing Vault is a solution that facilitates the storage of documents and other digital media through API integration and provides a standard user experience while interacting with media items across the servicing life cycle.


CollectionsSM aids collectors in their efforts to better manage calls regarding delinquent mortgage payments. Part of the ICE Default Suite, Collections features enhanced call management capabilities and loan information to make qualified assistance options timelier and more accessible to both the servicer and the homeowner.

Report Data Output (RDO)

Report Data Output (RDO) provides clients with data from MSP report fields that are delivered via EDI in .csv format.  RDO contains 32 individual groups each of which contain similar MSP functional reports.  The .csv sets contain detail and total files that are relevant to specific report sections and there is also a .SUM file that can be used to validate ETL processing.  Report data is also available through AIP (Actionable Intelligence Platform) in MSP Report Suite.